NOWS Mini Con Early 2016

Photos from the demo games we ran at NOWS mini con in early 2016.

NOWS:   Northern Ohio Wargaming Society.

Email for more info on the group and their events.

We ran a 4 player demo game, featuring an army of Chaos Warriors and the Undead vs. Beastmen and Dwarves.


We plan on attending the NOWS event in April.

For the Future of the Hobby

Attention Chaos Wars supporters:

As I grow older, I've been concerned about where the next generation of tabletop players will come from. Sure there will always be a small but steady contingent, but I would love to see it go mainstream. Wouldn't you?

Games like the one listed below are how we expand the next generation of gamers. This is how we get a foothold, before video games and other activities win their hearts. This is how we get them joining around a game table years into the future.

Granted, this game isn't 100% up my alley. It's never going to compete with mass combat fantasy battles, for me.

Still, I'm ordering my copy today.

And I believe every gamer with kids, grandkids, neices, or nephews should strongly consider buying a copy.

Thanks, Jacob (the Chaos Wars guy)

So, please spare a moment of your time, and

Take a Look at PICNIC PANIC on Kickstarter:


It is a quick playing miniatures game that is perfect for introducing your kids or non-gaming buddies to the concepts of miniatures gaming. Armies of ants from 4 tribes battle for control of candy in a 60 minute long game. The game contains 41 one inch long metal ants from the four tribes – First Born (elves), Horned Ants(dwarves), Nomants (barbarians), and Black Ants (zombie).

When playing with kids, whatever candy they drag back to their hives is theirs to eat. For a late night game with your buddies, substitute the adult beverage of your choice for the candy.

Metal miniatures are manufactured by Iron Wind for Stonegate Forge.

Featured Artist: Gennifer Bone

Gennifer Bone was the first artist to respond to our "Invitation" to artists, writers, etc Invitation Pipeline, and we couldn't be happier to have her illustrating some of our miniatures.

She currently has a "Monster of the Week" Patreon (crowd funding project), which can be seen here:  Patreon.      

We suggest that fans of role-playing and miniatures artwork give it a look. 

Here is an image of the Elf Warlord that Gennifer has done for one of our upcoming publications:

Let's show our appreciation for the great work she is doing for Ral Partha, and see what you can chip in to help with her Monster of the Week project.  

 This is the first Patreon I have supported, but I'm glad that I did.  I believe many of you will appreciate her work also.


Jacob Fathbruckner

Iron Wind Metals

Dennis Mize Greens

Here are some of the original greens sculpted by Dennis Mize, the second most prolific sculptor at Ral Partha. 

Photos by Mark Iddings.

A.  99-001 / WC15 – Witch’s Cauldron - Vampire  (Sold from: 80-82, 99-current)

B.  13-004 – Small Carnosaur  (Sold from: 81-83, 99-current)

C.  61-071 - Obess, the Extremely Rotund Warrior  (Sold from: 90-93, 99-current)



D.  13-016 - Shadow Elf Sorcerors - Female  (Sold from: 81-84, 99-current)

E.  13-016 - Shadow Elf Sorcerors - Casting  (Sold from: 81-84, 99-current)

F.  FTF45 - Drok, Death Knight of Chaos  (Sold from: 85-90, 99-current)


 G.  32-015 - Caravan Guard  (Sold from: 85-89, 99-current)

 H.  23-605 - Dwarf with Inferiority Complex  (Sold from: 87-94, 99-current)

 I.  23-602 - Arial Servant  (Sold from: 87-94, 99-current)


 J.  13-018 - Allosaurus Fragilis  (Sold from: 82-83 , 99-current) 



We will be sharing more images of greens, sculpting tools, and sketches in the future.