Ral Partha Video

Check out he following Ral Partha videos:

Video #2: Mike and Marc discuss the Chaos Wars Kickstarter

Video #3: Mike and Marc discuss their shared appreciation for the hobby

Video #4:  Tom Meier discusses sculpting

 Video #5:   A Tour of Iron Wind Metals

A Blog? Uggh!

Iron Wind Metal's very own Pewter-Golem has been directed to write a blog.

The Pewter-Golem has a love-hate relationship with blogs.

However, the Pewter-Golem fears it's masters and will comply with it's own blog. 

The Pewter-Golem knows that it is now a hypocrite.


Blog subjects will feature articles on:

   How a figure gets sculpted from Epoxy Ribbon.

   How molds are made, and how miniatures are cast.

   What new exciting stuff is happening at Iron Wind Metals.

   Interviews with sculptors, painters, and people who helped shape the miniature-gaming industry.

   Demo Games.

   Oddities and Unreleased Miniatures.


The identity of the Pewter-Golem shall remain anonymous.

Dennis Mize Concept Sketches

Dennis Mize wasn't just one of the best miniature sculptors in the business, he was a skilled artist who could do amazing pencil work.

Below are some concept sketches that Dennis Mize did in preparation for sculpting his Beastmasters line from the mid 1990's.


Thanks to Melanie Mize for sharing these with us.

We have many more of Dennis's sketches, but we're not going to show them all at once.   Check back soon for more.