Chaos Wars Demo Rules Downloads

Chaos Wars Demo Rules

These are not the classic rules in their entirety, but a very good representation.

2. Chaos Wars DEMO RULES


Sample Army Rosters

This file shows the stat lines and points costs for Troops, Characters, Creatures, and War Machines that were used in the Demo Games.  There are many more troop, character, and monster options available, but these allow you to play an enjoyable game.  Feel free to try them out.

5. Sample Army Rosters


Optional Rules:  Summoning Elementals

3. Optional Magic Rules: Summoning Elementals


Optional Rules:  Necromancy

4. Optional Magic Rules: Necromancy


Spell Tokens

Here you will find a set of tokens to represent the different Magick Spells that can be cast.  Print and cut them out.  They make keeping track of the various declared spells very easy:

6. Spell Tokens



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CincyCon Followup

The Demo team had a great time at CincyCon.  It was a bit exhausting running games for 3 days straight, but very worth it.

    Interestingly enough, we originally intended for people to come and go, sampling the game and then moving on.   We were running a lot of figures and intended to just play one long game all day, with dead forces coming back as new players approached. 

    To our astonishment, once people started playing, they stayed.  They stayed a long time.  Some stayed 5 hours, until they had killed off every last one of their troops.  We didn't set any endpoints, because we thought people would play a few turns and then go and sample a different game, but they didn't.  Once they were at the table, something kept them there.         

    There were questions and some suggestions for the advanced rules (we were demoing the classic intro rules from 1986), but no one said they didn't like the game.  Maybe everyone was just being polite, but people seemed really into the game.


The Chaos Wars Are Coming

    This year at Gary Con, Iron Wind Metals announced plans for the return of Ral Partha's Chaos Wars, in celebration of Ral Partha's 40th Anniversary.

     The product line will include not only the classic rules (available in paperback and as a PDF), but also 3 ranges of figures, each composed of some of the best miniatures that Ral Partha has produced over the last 40 years (including some previously unreleased miniatures).

     The first wave of the Chaos Wars releases is being done by way of Kickstarter.  The Kickstarter launches April 27, 2015 and the dollar threshold has been set to cover the costs of new production molds.

     Wave 1 consists of 24 Elves and 24 Orcs and Goblins, all from Ral Partha's original 01-Personalities, 02-Fantasy Collector, and 12-All-American ranges. All 48 miniatures were sculpted by Tom Meier. 

    Several of the figures that previously held steel wire spears will now come with a variety of weapons to choose from; including Halberds, Pikes, Spears, Swords, and Axes.   Iron Wind Metal's new Dungeon Equipment line will be adding more new weapons periodically, to further increase your customization options.

    The miniatures will be made available individually, and in regimental sets to make purchasing armies more cost effective.

    If the Kickstarter is successful, over 1200 currently available classic Ral Partha miniatures will be added to the Chaos Wars range, providing initial forces for:  the Undead, Chaos, Gnolls, Centaurs, Atlanteans, Lizardmen, Ratlings, Dwarves, Halflings, Samurai, Fae, Treemen, Half-Elves, and Kingdoms of Men (which includes Norsemen, Desert Nomads, Jungle Warriors, Hoplites, and Arthurian Knights).  

    Future releases include new advanced rules for Large-Scale Battles, Skirmish games, Campaigns, and Scenarios, as well as more releases of long out-of-print and previously unreleased minis.

    Please keep an eye on this page, for more details, and more photos of the miniatures.

Painted Examples

Freshly arrived from our painters, here are some of the figures that will be in the Kickstarter:

Elf Alliance minis painted by Wes Hempfield

Orc & Goblin minis painted by James Shaw