Previews of Future Releases

The upcoming Chaos Wars Wave 2 KickStarter Survey will be out very soon.

As part of the survey, we are asking our backers to advise on which armies they would like to see re-released next.

The following images and descriptions showcase enough of each army/range to give you an idea of what the larger range is expected to look like.  There are many more figures than these to be released, but here is a sample.  We have also included some notes on potential future sculpts to expand the ranges.


Please note, this is all still in the concept stage, and we are open to changes as we receive your feedback.

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Future Waves - Previews and Concept Notes (part 1)




Chaos Knights – (46 currently available.  62 to re-release).  Chaos Knights sculpted by Tom Meier come in around 28mm tall.   Over 30 Iron-Clad Chaos Warriors on foot, and more than 6 on horseback from the 01 line.  The Sorcerer on Palanquin, Witch King on Dark Pegasus, Chaos Bodyguard on Winged Beast, and the Original Black Prince on Foot and on Horseback.  These make a great addition to the Chaos Acolytes (sculpted by Bob Charrette) and Chaos Veterans (sculpted by Dennis Mize) that are already in production. 

Fae – (13 currently available.  71 to re-release).  This range covers a wide variety of fairy-like beings.  28mm Fairy Warrior Infantry by Steve Saunders.   A Trio of 54mm Greater Fairies sculpted by Bob Olley.  Flying Sprite swarms by John Winter.  The return of Tom Meier’s classic Sprites from the 01 line.  The Partha Pewter Fairy by Julie Guthrie (now a hero in the Chaos Wars).  A variety of Fae characters (winged and non-winged) is many different sizes by John Winter, Dave Summers, Jim Johnson, and Jeff Grace.  Also something very special.  

Back in 1980, the Ral Partha 03 line (Wizards, Warriors, and Warlocks) featured sets of Fairy Spearmen, Archers, and Command.   These were beautiful 15mm wingless figures, sculpted by Dennis Mize.   When the 1981 Catalog was released, the 03 line had been discontinued, and Dennis’ new 15mm sculpts were no longer branded as Fairies, but were now the 05 “Armies of Myth and Legend” range.  This range itself proved short-lived because selling 15mm figures was much less profitable, and proved more difficult to cast in large numbers than the 15mm figures.   Nevertheless, the 15mm Dennis Mize sculpts (51 figures from the 05 range, plus the original 7 from the 03 range) are really stunning, and we at IWM have been trying to figure out a way to put them to good use.  


After careful consideration, we intend to re-release these excellent diminutive figures as part of the Fae range:  The Elf and Barbarian miniatures would be presented as Pixies.  The Dwarves as Brounies.  The Light Goblins as Imps.  And the Man-Goblins (Orcs) as Boggarts.  We believe that the look of these great minis fit within the classic folklore descriptions of each category.  The intention is that these will be sold in groups, and be based four-or-five to a 40mm base.   We will be including special rules for the Classic Chaos wars to cover playing with Swarms.  See the image marked ‘Lesser Fae’.   Please join us on the Forum to share your thoughts about this part of the project.

Treemen – (7 currently available.  6 to re-release.  1 to release). Various creatures and troops composed of plant-matter.  Primarily by Steve Saunders, with additions by Tom Meier, John Winter, and others.  Features two different Forest Dragons, two different Forest Titans, 4 Treemen, and one Greater Treeman.  We have the very first Dryad for the line, recently sculpted by Steve.  We would hope to get 5 to 9 more sculpted as part of this range, including ones in heavy bark & thorn-encased armor, apple-throwers, and more of various tree types and sizes.   There is also a plan for a new type of Dryad, we are calling a ‘Strider’.  It would be the tree-creature equivalent of cavalry, and fit well on a cavalry base.  There will also be an optional pair of ‘wings’ that can be attached or not, if you wish to make them into flying cavalry.  We believe this is something quite unique.

Atlanteans – (18 currently available.  23 to re-release).  Aquatic Humanoids.    We will be several of the humanoids that Dennis Mize wove throughout his Children of the Night range to serve as Elite Troops, Beastmasters, and specialty units like the War Mammoth, Kraken Cavalry, Pre-Historic Wardogs.   For the line infantry, we will use a set of beautiful humanoids that Tom Meier sculpted back in the late 1970s, but were then sold to another company.  Their rights have recently been re-acquired.  These consist of 7 in heavy armor that reminds me of how pulp covers from the 30s and 40s would depict Atlanteans.  There are another 3 in light or no armor that compliment the heavily armored miniatures, and a variant to one of the heavily-armored troops that was never before released.   I believe these will make excellent rank and file troops for the Atlanteans.  Alongside those Atlanteans, we intend to run our Frog-Men, Amphibian Titans, Sea Titans, Water Elementals, Kraken, Sea Drakes, SeaHorse Cavalry, and any other water-based miniatures we can dig out of the Archives.  Also, in the master molds, we found a small sculpt of a clamshell with menacing eyes, and two fangs.  The log book from back then lists it as a “Were-Clam”.  I kid you not.  We have a fanged Were-Clam.  I hope to release it to be used as a swarm with the Atlanteans and eventual Fishmen.  Yes, we want to do Fishmen one day.

Beastmen – (36 currently available.  28 to re-release).  Our Beastmen are a diverse group encompassing several armies, including classic Beast-Men, Ratlings, Doom-Thumpers, Rues (Kangaroo-Men), Gnolls, Satyrs, Goatmen, Gorilla-Men, as well as Flying Monkeys and Flying Gorillas.   Needless to say, they’re not your run-of-the mill Beastmen.  All of our classic Gnolls, Goatmen, and Ratlings are currently available, so a re-release would focus on everything else.   We have 8 of Richard Kerr’s Doom-Thumpers, 8 classic beastman types by Bob Charrette, which were labeled as the ‘Fangs of Fury’ Free Company back during the original run of the Chaos Wars, and of course the flying Apes and Monkeys, sculpted by Dave Summers.  We’ve also got at least one Minotaur and a pair of Minotaur Titans that can be re-released.   We also have a massive horse-sized rat that I would love to get a Ratling Cavalryman or two sculpted for.   Any new sculpts would probably be split evenly across the Gnolls, Ratlings, and Doom Thumpers, with additional Character models for all the races.  We would also like to do some Satyr Infantrymen, a series of Rues, and more Character models.

Demons - (33 currently available.  52 to re-release)  The Demon Host for the Chaos Wars is as varied and unique as the offerings of non-demon races.   There are over 10 different types of Lesser Demons, sculpted by Tom Meier.  Also sub-types of Demons including the animated mucus called the BoogeyMen, Stone-covered Gargoyles, and Gremlin Infantry, all sculpted by Tom Meier.  Additional Gargoyles by Steve Saunders, and a trio of Succubi by Dennis Mize.  There are more than 7 different Elite Lesser Demons, sculpted by Bob Olley (some on the ground, and some flying).  We also have 7 different Demonic Titans, and 7 Greater Demons.  There are also two different types of Demonic Hounds, many Demon Characters including two large Demon Lords, and a previously limited release Arch-Demon with two unreleased Demonic Servants. 

Dark Elves – (26 currently available.  51 to re-release).  The bulk of the line was sculpted in the mid 1990’s by Chris Fitzpatrick.   Their stunning gothic armor evokes the feel that we wanted as the mirror-images to Tom Meier’s High, Wood, and Sea Elves.   These are sculpted to a 28mm scale (as opposed to the usual 25mm we are using for the High, Wood, and Sea Elves).  This fits nicely into the Chaos Wars backstory for the Dark Elves, where they were pulled into a Chaos Portal by the Lord of the Fire Demons where they were corrupted in body body and mind, possessed by the demons that lived between realities.  When they emerged, they were physically larger, leaner, and gaunter than they had entered.  By way of Chaos Magic, they had become a new species themselves.  We have over 50 of these Dark Elves to be re-released.  There may even be some unreleased pieces that Chris worked on, that we can bring out also.  Several twisted or menacing figures from other past ranges make up the specialty troops, such as Slavers, Berserkers, and Characters.  I have no doubt this range will be breathtaking once, all on the battlefield.

Elves – (44 already available.  36 to re-release).  This would release the remainder of the Tom Meier Elves.  These compliment the bulk of the Elves released in Chaos Wars Wave I, and the reinforcements that are coming out in Wave II.  Includes Cavalry Lancers and Cavalry Greatswords.  The couple of infantry that remain include one Swordsman, one Spearman, and two Pikemen, including the one with the leveled pike, which was only released for a very short time.  This set also includes the Elf Characters from the 01 line, and the Foot & Mounted pairs that were sold by both Ral Partha and Citadel.  We also have the Elves from the 3 Stage Player Characters, now also available in a unit as Elite Armored Infantry.

Classic Goblins – (23 currently available.  10 to re-release.  1 to release).  Small, devious, and viscious.  The classic Goblins are short, yet lanky.  Their heads are over-sized compared to their small frames, and their predominant features are pointed ears, beedy eyes, and razor-sharp teeth.  The last handful of Tom Meier Goblins, to go with the ones from Waves I and II.  We’ve got the last of the Wolf Riders, this one with a bow.  Also the two goblin musciains, and variant on one of the Goblin Swordsmen, most likely a conversion that former Ral Partha owner Chuck Crain had made for his own armies.  We plan to release him with an open hand to hold another weapon, or also serve as Army Standard Bearer for a Goblin Army.   The two Armored Goblin Squires are also available, and make a pretty good Armored Bodyguard unit for your Goblin leadership to run with.  We’ve also go the early Goblins that Dennis Mize sculpted for the Caverns Deep Game:  we are classifying them as Cave Goblins.  And we also have the two (taller) Goblins that were added to ‘The Adventurers’ Goblin set would serve well as Goblin Heroes.   We may be able to provide some good conversions of Goblin Warriors, with open hands, to accommodate a variety of weapons, while matching the look of the Classic Goblins.

Great Goblins – (8 currently available.  15 to re-release).  The larger species of Orcs and Goblins is made up of many smaller sub-species, including the Great Goblins.  Similar to Common (or classic) Goblins in coloration and basic appearance, upon closer examination the Greater Goblins have a larger frame, more proportionate head to body ratio, and less lanky arms and legs.  They are still smaller and nowhere near as strong and durable as the Common Orcs. They also lack the razor-fangs and claws found on common Goblins.   These were sculpted by Bob Olley, and they make a great addition to a larger Orc & Goblin Army, or as a whole army unto themelves.


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Future Waves - Previews and Concept Notes (part 3)

Underworld Denizens –  (35 currently available.  43 to re-release).  When Chaos Portals breach the barriers between realities and create bridges into the netherworld where restless souls languish, the mortal world suffers the wrath of the legions of the damned, and twisted horrors usually just  the stuff of nightmares.  These 28mm Skeletons were sculpted by Jeff Wilhelm, and have a different look and feel from our classic Skeletons in the Undead Army (sculpted by Julie Guthrie).   Some of the most unique of these are the Heavily Armored Cavalry, riding Armored Nightmares.  There is also a variety of horrors, each weird and different.


Aesir Demigods –  (28 currently available.  67 to be re-released).  The Underworld is not the only extra-natural realm that the Chaos Portals breach.  When the Warrior Gods worshipped by the Norsemen, called the Aesir, are free to walk the mortal realm, they perform heroic quests, slay great beasts, hunt, drink, feast, and celebrate life with the Norsemen and Shield Maidens of the Frozen North.   They have proven so prolific that their offspring number in the thousands, and often leave their clans when they reach maturity and find themselves standing out both physically and in desire from the common Norse villagers.  When they find one another they band together and form colonies with other demi-gods of the Aesir.  All of these miniatures were sculpted by Jim Johnson, and are approx. 28mm (as opposed to the common 25mm scale for humans).  There are several sub-types to choose from; some Nordic, some Steppe, some Amazonian.  They can be used to augment other armies, or be fielded on their own as an impressive force.


Chaos Imperium – (6 currently available.  42 to re-release).   These heavily armored warriors add even more variety to the Chaos Warriors range.  Sculpted by Bob Olley, they are closer to 28mm than 25mm.  The photos pretty much say it all.


Briarose Legion – (5 currently available.  4 to re-release).  A small start to what we hope becomes a full range.  There are a pair of Insect-Men troops available, the Briarose Knight Cavalry, one Insect Titan, and an Insect Dragon.   We have one Heavy Infantryman, one Briarose Knight on Foot, and two Greater Insect Warriors still to re-release.


Troglodytes & Lizardmen – (38 currently available.  11 to re-release.  5 never before released).  Cold-blooded warriors both great and small.  There are 3 main cs:   Greater Troglodytes are the largest, some the size of horses, and are covered in thick heavy scales.  Their hands and feet bear large curved talons, and their powerful jaws are extended.  Lizardmen are closer to man-sized, but often larger in frame.  There are two types of Lizardmen.  One is of shorter, stalky frame, with a thick hide, and crocodile-like features.  The other is taller and more resembles a Gecko or common lizard.  Both types of Lizardmen may have scales, but not in large quantity.  Instead they are covered in thick leathery hides.  The final main type are the Lesser Troglodytes.  They are goblin-sized or smaller, and like the Greater Troglodytes are covered in scales.   There appears to be no hierarchical division between the three classes, and any of the 3 can lead groups of the others.  


Halflings – (6 currently available.  10 to re-release).  A pacifist race by nature, most Halflings only fight in defense of their homelands, or as part of an alliance to push back the forces of darkness.  They are excellent marksmen, rumored to be the equal of even the Elves in terms of archery skills.  Many Halfling heroes are drafted into service performing stealth activities; serving as rangers, scouts, spies, or thieves.  We have a pair of Halfling Cavalry to re-release and 7 infantry, all sculpted by Tom Meier.   One of the already available miniatures is an Armored Halfling, by Dennis Mize.  We would like to get a few more variants on this figure sculpted, to make a complete regiment.  Also a few more Cavalry sculpts would be welcome, as well as some Mage, Cleric, and other Hero sculpts.



Feudals - (78 currently available.  19 to re-release).   A race of medieval humans, secluded from the other Kingdoms of Men.   Between the realm of the Feudals and the rest of the known world lies the vast Orc Empire, and the wild lands occupied by the Savage Hobgoblins and Tribal Orcs.  This leaves the Imperial Dwarves as the only allies available by land.  The same strange environmental properties that have caused the Orcs, Savage Hobgoblins, and Imperial Dwarves to grow larger as effected this race as well.  With the impassable Orc territory cutting them off from the mainland, their only access to other races is by sea.  This is a large range, sculpted by Dennis Mize, Jim Johnson, Ken Kersey, Geoff Valley, Dave Summers, Steve Saunders, and John Winter.   The figures that remain to be released are the Knights of Justice range that Sandra Garrity originally sculpted for the 02 Fantasy Armies range.  All models in this range are 28mm or Heroic 28mm.



Amazons – (5 Amazons, 13 Priestesses currently available.  5 to be re-released).  The bane of over-zealous adventurers, and those who wish to conquer the jungle lands.  The Amazons live in a society completely controlled by females, and are fierce defenders of their territory.  They are liberators of the enslaved, and enslavers of former slave-masters (and their armies).  Many a former noble can be found chained to the yoke on one of the Amazon’s dreaded Slave-Chariots.  We have a small number of really powerful Troop sculpts, by Tom Meier, currently available.  We have one Cavalry piece yet to re-release, and the rest are character miniatures.  We would like to get a series of additional warriors, archers, and cavalry sculpted, plus some heavily-armored troops, Elite Priestesses, a series of Character Models, and a range of shackled prisoners from each of the main Chaos Wars Races. 



Savage Hobgoblins – (1 currently available.  10 to re-release).  Unruly, snarling, and barely recognizable as a relation to the common Hobgoblin, they Savage Hobgoblins live in similar manner to the Tribal Orcs.  They adorn themselves in bones and feathers, and are often found riding atop giant snarling bats.  There are currently only 11 sculpts in this range, most sculpted by Dave Summers, with a few characters by John Winter and Tim Prow.  All but one are currently out of production.  We hope to get the range expanded, in the future.


Gnomes – (6 currently available.  12 to re-release).   Another group of near-pacifists that have been pulled into the ongoing wars.  The Gnomes are slighter in frame than the Dwarves, but also bearded.   They are master woodsmen, quite fast despite their smaller stature, and have an innate ability to communicate with animals of all types.  We found that the Dwarves from the Cavern’s Deep game are substantially smaller than our classic Dwarves, and believe they make good Gnome infantry.  We would like to get some lightly-armored Gnome skirmishers sculpted, as well as some more characters. 



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Future Waves - Previews and Concept Notes (part 2)

Classic Orcs – (23 currently available.  12 to re-release).  Hulking green monsters that would stand a head taller than men and elves, if their frames were not bent and hunched over.  These are nature’s perfect fighting machines, built to take immense punishment, and continue fighting to the last breath.  Their prominent brows can withstand direct mace and hammer strikes that would kill a man.  Large hands and broad shoulders make them quite formidable in combat.  Their bulk and strength is offset by discomfort in direct sunlight.  This reduces their effectiveness in general combat, making them an even match for a skilled Man-at-Arms or Armored Knight.  However, they thrive in darkness and dim light.  The last of the Tom Meier Orcs to be re-released, to go with those from Waves I and II.  They include: 4 more Spearmen, 4 more Swordsmen, 2 Archers, 1 Musician with Horn, and 1 Orc Ranger.  These all originated from Tom Meier.  Some of these are actually Tom Meier originals that were converted by Jeff Wilhelm when he started working at Ral Partha.  We also have some conversions of the classic Orcs with open hands, so you can equip them with whatever weapons you desire.  There’s a chance we may also have some Orc Cavalry Riders, and Heavily-Armored Boars for them.


Orc Empire –  (4 currently available.  35 to re-release).  Another example of the Orc & Goblin family tree having many branches… The Orcs of the Orcish Empire are far more regimented than the unruly raiders that make up the Common (Classic) Orc Hordes.   Having carved out their own fairly stable areas of influence, the protect their borders and wage war in a more conventional manner than Common Orcs.  They seem to have taken on some of the social aspects of their closest enemies, the Kingdoms of Men.  They actually take the field of battle in matching armor types with their fellow Orcs, and even use weapons similar to one another, apparently not prone to scavenging weapons and armor off of their victims post battle.  Perhaps due to their stable environment, the Orcs of the Empire are better nourished and have grown taller than the Common Orcs.  They also stand more upright, obviously more comfortable operating in daylight than their more plentiful cousins.  This large range of stunning figures was sculpted by Bob Olley, has over 36 Orc Infantrymen, and their common mount is a Land Dragon.  Interesting side note:  When Bob Olley starter working on these, he had some trouble getting the musculature exaggerated properly.  One of the Ral Partha Mold Room guys, Brady Bugge was an active bodybuilder at the time, so some of the Ral Partha crew took pictures of Brady in various poses and sent them off to Bob Olley.


Tribal Orcs – (8 currently available.  32 to re-release).  Yet another Orc Range.  The world of the Chaos Wars is infested with them.   The Tribal Orcs are covered in bones, feathers, and Aztec-like Armor.   If that isn’t enough, some carry stone axes and even wear ceremonial masks into battle.  They are the unhinged relatives of the Orc Empire, and have grown larger in similar manner.  They seldom leave their jungle and wasteland habitats, unless raiding an enemy homeland.  The majority of these were sculpted by John Winter and Tim Prow.  They are weird, wild, and truly savage looking Orcs.


Ogres –  (20 currently available.  17 to re-release).  Big, bold, and mean.  The Ogres tower over their opponents and the ground trembles as they march to battle.  The bulk of the army is composed of Ogre Warriors sculpted by Bob Olley.  We have over 14 of them, with a variety of armor types, weapons (Swords, Axes, Polearms, and Spears), and even Ogre-Sized Bows and Crossbows.  That’s right:  units of Ogres with Bows and Crossbows.  These are augmented by some truly unique special units:  War Elephant Cavalry, Land Dragon Cavalry, Mutant Two-Headed Ogres, Heavily Armored Ogres, Ogre Samurai, and Cyclopes (armored and unarmored), and Ogre Chariot and Ogre Ballista.

Trolls –  (17 currently available.  20 to re-release).  Our Trolls come in all shapes and sizes.  Literally.   The core of the Army are the ‘Armored Trolls’ sculpted by Bob Olley.  There are 11 different Armored Troll Infantry models, plus a Troll Shaman.  One unique feature of the Armored Trolls are their special Missile troops, the ‘Rock Throwers’.  For specialty units, there are a variety of Troll sub-species to choose from:  Swamp Trolls (Tom Meier sculpts), Stone Trolls (by Julie Guthrie and Dennis Mize), Hill Trolls (by Dennis Mize), and Trills (Tom Meier sculpts) which are Orc-sized armored Infantry that usually fight with pikes and shields.  There are also smaller Lesser Trolls (sculpted by Richard Kerr), a spiked Mutant Troll (sculpted by Tom Meier), Two Troll Giants (by Tom Meier), and a Giant Troll Shaman (by Bob Olley). 

Men of the Hellenic States – (68 currently available.  31 to re-release).  If you want to run phalanxes of Hoplites, Spartans, and Centurions alongside War Elephants, Centaurs, and packs of Hydra, and units of Gladiators, you can easily do that.   Still, we have some really great figures that are currently out of production, but would make excellent heroes for the Hellenic Army.  There are also another 3 cavalry miniatures to be re-released, and 8 more infantry that will add even more variety to the line.  We have 3 really unique looking infantry miniatures that were never released to the market.  There is also a pair of Gorgons that would make a great shock troop unit.


The Norse –  (20 currently available.  37 to re-release).  Currently we have a fair number of Norse miniatures available, but once these are released, you will be able to field a really impressive force.  We have 4 Norse Warrior Infantrymen, 4 Shield Maidens, and 2 cavalry miniatures (all sculpted by Tom Meier).  For elite Troops, we have the Norse Raiders (sculpted by Bob Charrette).  Also we have a really creepy Ice Elemental (which is posable), a great Yeti (also poseable), Valkyries on Pegasi, a Winged Valkyrie Hero, Bear Chariot, etc.

Men of Avalon -  (71 currently in production.  98 to re-release).  Another range that we already have a lot of in production… not to mention another 34 Peasants & Militia, 43 Adventurers, 27 Armored Foot Knights, another 86 Armored Veterans, Rangers, Paladins, Brigands, Assassins, Berserkers, Bards, Warlords… and 130 Monks, Clerics, Wizards, Sorcerers, Necromancers, Witches, Sorceresses, Priests, etc.   So there are potentially a ton of figures already in the Avalon range.   What else could you need?   Well, take a look at the three Infantrymen in the upper left of the image.  These are amazing figures (in my opinion) and were only ever pulled from production because they were determined to not be historically accurate (but that’s not an issue in a Fantasy Game).  As great as the available miniatures are, the range will only be enhanced by adding these figures.  We also have a lot more Wizards and Rangers that can be re-released.  After that there is a wide variety of unique Characters, including the Foot & Mounted pairs shown here.  We’ve also got Tom Meier’s classic Knight on War Dragon, which I’ve been wanting to paint up for quite a long time.




Classic Dwarves – (47 available once wave II releases).  Lords of the Mountains, unparalleled Miners, Smiths, and Brewers…  I would like to get a set of 4 to 6 Drunken Dwarf fighters sculpted.  Also 4 fully Armor Clad Dwarves, with only their beards protruding from under their vizors.  Would also like to have another 4 Bear Cavalry Riders sculpted, one elderly Dwarf veteran, another in Full Plate Armor, and two Berserkers.  Also 3-4 more Dwarf Shield-Maidens.



Imperial Dwarves –  (54 currently available.  44 to re-release).  Orcs and Goblins aren’t the only species with sub-species.  A second race of Dwarves exists, distinctly different from the classic Dwarves that were released in Chaos Wars wave II.  These are larger in size, and less attached to mining and subterranean activity.  These Dwarves are even more dedicated to engineering and appear more fond of swords than axes.  The majority of these miniatures were sculpted by Bob Olley.  There are over 20 rank and file infantry.  There are also enough Engineer models to field entire units of them on the battlefield.   They’ve also got Arquebusiers, Crossbowmen, and Blunderbussers.  Add to that Ram Cavalry and a very unique Flame Cannon.



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Future Waves - Previews and Concept Notes (part 4)


 Celestials – (67 currently available.  10 to re-release).  Samurai, Ashigaru, Ninjas, Ronin, Battle Monks, Provincial Militia, and Terracotta Warriors.  Most are already available.  Most of the lines was sculpted by Dennis Mize, with additional works by Bob Charrette and Tom Meier.  Only a few remain to be re-released.  We would like to add more cavalry riders, as well as some Temple Dog Mounts, Tengu (bird-men), Kappa (water-demons), and more.




 Centaurs – (10 currently available. 3 to re-release.  1 to release).  10 Centaur Troops sculpted by Julie Guthrie are currently available.  We also have 1 Centaur Swordsman by Julie Guthrie that was never released, 2 sculpted by Tom Meier, and one Centaur Scout with Javelin.  Sculpts for Elite Troops, Berserkers, and Characters are planned for the future.




Mountain Elves (11 currently available.  46 to re-release).  This lost race of Elves had been forgotten by all but the oldest keepers of Elven History.  Recent raids by hosts of Demons, and resulting plague and crop failure have forces then down from their mountaintop fortresses.  They wield ancient weapons and armor, made of unknown metals.  Their interaction with other races has been quick and unpleasant, and it has been unrevealed where they will align themselves in the ongoing struggle between the Dark and High Elves.  Sculpting by Jeff Grace, Dennis Mize, Dave Summers, Steve Saunders, and Bobby Jackson.  More about this strange race will be revealed in the future.


Oni – (9 currently available.  19 to re-release. 4 previously unreleased).  Similar to the Celestials, but in 28mm scale.  Award-winning figures by Bob Charrette and Dennis Mize. 



Nyten-Theod - (34 currently available.  17 to re-release).  Animal Folk.   This range is composed of individual units that fit nicely into a variety of the other Chaos Wars armies, or can be grouped together in a vibrant and colorful force.  The Lion-Men work well with the Men of Avalon or the Celestials.  The Ram Titans with Imperial Dwarves.  Jackal-Men with Men of the Desert or Temple Cities.  Hawk-Men with the Wind Lords, Iguana-Men with the Lizardmen or Men of the Jungles.  Naga with the Men of the Jungles. Many potential combinations exist.  Most of what is currently available was sculpted by John Winter, Dave Summers, and Tim Prow.  We have 17 Heavily and moderately-armored Troops still to release, sculpted by Bob Olley and Tim Prow.




Men of the Temple Cities - (39 currently available.  11+ to re-release).   Residents of the massive stone and golden temples, and defenders of the great pyramids.  Most of these figures are already available, originally from the Incan, Egyptian, and some of the other historicals ranges.  Sculpted primarily by Geoff Valley, Dave Summers and Sandra Garrity.  All of the Troops available are in production.  What remains are some supplemental pieces, such as a pair of Terror Birds, Lesser Sphinx, Giant Serpents, an Armored Coatl, and a few other surprises.   



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