Kickstarter Wave II Production

Production keeps rolling onwards, and the piles of cast miniatures in the factory grows daily.

These racks contain the new molds created from the 1st and 2nd waves of Chaos Wars Releases.


We've had a few small hiccups with some vendors (nothing to worry about) so some orders are waiting on printed packging or T-Shirts to arrive before we can ship. But some orders have already gone out the door, and more are being packed as I type this.


It's probably going to be a nail-biter for us to get this out by the promised date, but we are determined to do so. However, we are not willing to sacrifice quality. Everyone at IWM working very had to get you the best product in the quickest manner.


You should all have your miniatures in hand shortly.


I'm looking forward to hearing your responses once packages are opened.

Demo Team Members Wanted

    We are currently building a network of Demo Teams.  We are looking for active players with a strong sense of sportsmanship, and a dedication to fantasy war gaming.  We need point-persons in every community, and a local demo team to support each point person at regional events, and local conventions.  IWM will invite the best Demo Team members to demo at major gaming events.  Demo Team members will help IWM create new rules, consider revisions, and build future scenarios and campaign settings.  Demo team members will also be supported with badge assistance at major events, special discounts, exclusive miniatures, and the opportunity to purchase new releases before the retail market.


Please Contact Us if interested.

Painters Wanted

    IWM holds the production rights to the vast majority of the classic Ral Partha fantasy ranges.  This gives us a portfolio of miniatures sculpted over 25 years by some of the best sculptors in the business.  Currently, IWM is producing over 2400 miniatures that are compatible with Chaos Wars.  Our plan is to expand the range by re-mastering and releasing an additional 1800 classic Ral Partha sculpts, so that 3000 different miniatures are available, in a variety of sculpting styles, scales, and themes.  

    We are offering skilled painters the opportunity to paint a 12 figure unit of infantry or a 6 figure unit of cavalry which we will use in demo games, and feature in advertising, and on packaging.  You will be compensated with an additional set of the unpainted figures.  We will also credit you for your work wherever it is used or pictured. 


    IWM will offer the best painters the opportunity to paint additional miniatures, including monsters, dragons, and new releases. 

 Please Contact Us if interested.


Photographers Wanted

    Photographers are invited to help us create a vast array of images for our catalogs, advertising, and future rules and campaign sets.  All Photography work will be credited.


Please Contact Us if interested.

Artists Wanted

    All of the written Chaos Wars materials (plus scenarios and background stories) will be available on our website as a free download.  We will be regularly plugging the availability of these downloads in our electronic and physical advertising, with inserts inside our sets of miniatures.   Printed copies will also be available.   As a miniatures company, we want to get the Chaos Wars rules and stories into the hands of as many gamers as possible. We believe that your artwork (and contact information) will end up in the hands of thousands of gamers and industry professionals. 

    When the artwork is used by IWM, a clear and visible caption will be included immediately below all interior artwork, stating the title of the piece (determined jointly by IWM and the artist), artist’s name, and whatever contact info the artist desires.  If the artwork is on the front or back cover, the caption will be placed on the interior front or back cover, respectively.  The artist will have permission to use the Chaos Wars logo, and the branding: “[Title], of Ral Partha’s Chaos Wars” whenever the artist sells prints or the original artwork for this specific piece of art, and may use the image of the artwork for self-promotion such as in a gallery or on a website.  Additional details will be worked out between the artist and IWM.

Please Contact Us if interested.