Artists Wanted

    All of the written Chaos Wars materials (plus scenarios and background stories) will be available on our website as a free download.  We will be regularly plugging the availability of these downloads in our electronic and physical advertising, with inserts inside our sets of miniatures.   Printed copies will also be available.   As a miniatures company, we want to get the Chaos Wars rules and stories into the hands of as many gamers as possible. We believe that your artwork (and contact information) will end up in the hands of thousands of gamers and industry professionals. 

    When the artwork is used by IWM, a clear and visible caption will be included immediately below all interior artwork, stating the title of the piece (determined jointly by IWM and the artist), artist’s name, and whatever contact info the artist desires.  If the artwork is on the front or back cover, the caption will be placed on the interior front or back cover, respectively.  The artist will have permission to use the Chaos Wars logo, and the branding: “[Title], of Ral Partha’s Chaos Wars” whenever the artist sells prints or the original artwork for this specific piece of art, and may use the image of the artwork for self-promotion such as in a gallery or on a website.  Additional details will be worked out between the artist and IWM.

Please Contact Us if interested.

Writers Wanted


    The world of the Chaos Wars is a fantasy setting where a Greater Demon has torn holes in reality, allowing forces from various places, times, and realities to spill into the world.  This is a large canvass to work on, and allows for many interpretations of new and classic fantasy concepts.  Once the basic guidelines of the Chaos Wars world are available, writers are invited to create storylines and background for specific armies within the Chaos Wars world.  The only requirement is that the writing must remain within the guidelines.  Submissions will be reviewed, and if published electronically or in print, the writer will be credited.  We will especially be looking for the individual histories of the warriors fighting the Chaos Wars. We will invite the best writers to create and develop new characters and campaign settings.  


Please Contact Us if interested.

Chaos Wars at GenCon 2016

Chaos Wars Games are in the event schedule for Gencon.
NMN1691783 "Cursed Wizards" Thursday 9:00A-12:00P
NMN1687303 "Road to Ruin" Saturday 1:00-5:00P
NMN1687307 "Road to Ruin" Saturday 6:00-10:00P
These are being run by two of our most-trusted Demo Team members, the Dean Brothers.
If you're going to be at GenCon, stop by for a game.

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