Upcoming Releases

Chaos Wars Artillery & Living Statues

Painted examples of the Artillery pieces available as Add-Ons to the kickstarter.


Painted examples of the Elven Colossus:


A selection of Chaos Wars Orcs (and one Goblin), painted by Ross Rodman:

A selection of Chaos Wars Orcs and Goblins, painted by Cail Hill


New Weapons Line


Releasing sometime in Summer or Fall of this year is Ral Partha's new Dungeon Equipment line.

The range will eventually include various types of Shields, Bows, Crossbows, Handguns, all kinds of close combat weapons, and a variety of Mounts to choose from.

This line should assist you in customizing your Fantasy Forces, for whatever games you play.

Here are the first weapons that will be released, and will be included in the Chaos Wars Kickstarter.

Please note, this photo is of freshly cast pieces.  They still have a bit of flash and mold-lines in this photo.