Upcoming Releases

Wave II - New Troglodytes

The Troglodyte Cavalry and Spearmen have been mastered.  

This shows them with a variety of the weapons that will be available.

Skeletal Centaur Greens

Fresh from Dave Summers.


Here are some work in progress photos of the Skeletal Centaur in Chainmail Armor:


And Skeletal Centaur in Full Plate Armor:



Kickstarter Wave 2 Releases


Dwarf Berserkers & Bear Cavalry by Dave Summers




Vampire Queen by Julie Guthrie

Skeletal Centaurs, Mummies, and Undead Fairies by Dave Summers


Dwarf Air Ship designed by Corey Lenigar

Zombies by John Winter & Tom Meier, Julie Guthrie, Bob Charrette


Vampire Queen

Releasing in the upcoming Kickstarter to release Chaos Wars wave 2.

Funding period begins late March or early April.