We are working to get this website up and running.  A lot of the components here, but we don't have all the designs as tight and complete as we want.  So please pardon the construction. 

We hope for this page to be a resource for all types of miniature painters, tabletop wargamers, and miniature collectors.

Some of the things coming in the near future:

*  Video of Tom Meier discussing how he got started sculpting, and his thoughts on the pros and cons of sculpting in different mediums.

*  A virtual tour of the factory:   "How a green sculpt becomes a metal miniature"

*  Background on what motivates the Iron Wind team to do the Chaos Wars kickstarter

*  Photos of some greens of classic miniatures from long ago.

*  Some concept sketches by the late Dennis Mize.

*  Showcases on some of the Unreleased Ral Partha minis.

*  Examples of the non-Elf / non-O&G armies of the Chaos Wars, that are currently in production

Our goal is to be known as THE Miniatures Company for Miniatures Gamers.

If you want to field Elves with Handguns, or Dwarves with Longbows... great.  We want to help you do that.  We intend to produce the miniatures and advanced rules that allow you to field what you want, how you want (and for the rules and points costs to be appropriately balanced so that your opponents enjoy the game also).

We know it's a big task, but someone has to do it. 

We want to change the face of miniature wargaming, for the better.

How about you join up and help us do that?


The Iron Wind Metals Product Team