Gennifer Bone was the first artist to respond to our "Invitation" to artists, writers, etc Invitation Pipeline, and we couldn't be happier to have her illustrating some of our miniatures.

She currently has a "Monster of the Week" Patreon (crowd funding project), which can be seen here:  Patreon.      

We suggest that fans of role-playing and miniatures artwork give it a look. 

Here is an image of the Elf Warlord that Gennifer has done for one of our upcoming publications:

Let's show our appreciation for the great work she is doing for Ral Partha, and see what you can chip in to help with her Monster of the Week project.  

 This is the first Patreon I have supported, but I'm glad that I did.  I believe many of you will appreciate her work also.


Jacob Fathbruckner

Iron Wind Metals