Attention Chaos Wars supporters:

As I grow older, I've been concerned about where the next generation of tabletop players will come from. Sure there will always be a small but steady contingent, but I would love to see it go mainstream. Wouldn't you?

Games like the one listed below are how we expand the next generation of gamers. This is how we get a foothold, before video games and other activities win their hearts. This is how we get them joining around a game table years into the future.

Granted, this game isn't 100% up my alley. It's never going to compete with mass combat fantasy battles, for me.

Still, I'm ordering my copy today.

And I believe every gamer with kids, grandkids, neices, or nephews should strongly consider buying a copy.

Thanks, Jacob (the Chaos Wars guy)

So, please spare a moment of your time, and

Take a Look at PICNIC PANIC on Kickstarter:


It is a quick playing miniatures game that is perfect for introducing your kids or non-gaming buddies to the concepts of miniatures gaming. Armies of ants from 4 tribes battle for control of candy in a 60 minute long game. The game contains 41 one inch long metal ants from the four tribes – First Born (elves), Horned Ants(dwarves), Nomants (barbarians), and Black Ants (zombie).

When playing with kids, whatever candy they drag back to their hives is theirs to eat. For a late night game with your buddies, substitute the adult beverage of your choice for the candy.

Metal miniatures are manufactured by Iron Wind for Stonegate Forge.