More photos from packing the Kickstarter.

Some background info:   In an effort to provide the highest quality possible, the Kickstarter fulfillment orders are being packed by the owners of Iron Wind Metals, some of their spouses, some select members of our crew, and some of our most-trusted demo team members.
I thought you might want to know the total numbers.  With this kickstarter, we are shipping over:


5,772 Elves 

3,829 Goblins

2,126 Orcs

65 Dragons

437 Monsters

65 War Machines

1,289 Other infantry miniatures  


This comes to a total of more than 13,538 Individual miniatures.

Our extensive Quality-Check process is taking a bit longer than we had expected, but we are making great strides forward.
I had hoped to ship early this week (12/14), but we did find a small issue with one casting... some of the fingers weren't coming in all the way.  So after some experimentation on the production mold, we have decided to remake the mold, to get even better quality castings for you.
This means that we probably won't be shipping until the week of the 21st.  We wanted to get it out sooner, but getting you a quality product comes first.  We hope you understand.    Everyone should still be receiving their packages before the end of the year, and hopefully before Christmas.
We do have two surprises for our backers:
1)  We are including square and rectangular plastic bases with all of the Kickstarter Infantry, Cavalry, and Small or Medium sized Monsters; at no additional charge.   This should help with ranking up the miniatures easily for game-play.  20mm bases for the Elves, Goblins, and Humanoids.  25mm bases for the Orcs.  25mmx50mm for the cavalry.  40mm for the small/medium sized monsters.   We don't have bases yet for the larger stuff (Chariots, War Machines, Large Monsters), but we have something planned for the future on those.  Once we get them finished, we plan to have them available at very reasonable costs.
2)  Everyone receiving a package from us for the kickstarter will be getting a free sample Dwarf sculpted by Tom Meier and a free Skeleton Warrior sculpted by Julie Guthrie. We are as proud of these figures as we are of the Elves, Orcs, and Goblins.  We hope you like them.
Here are the photos of our most recent packing adventure:
At the end of a long 11 hour day, we had all of our pre-packing done.  So the assortments we will use to assemble your orders are ready to go.  We found we had over 14 feet of packaged product.  I don't want to guess the total weight.


Some close-ups of the box contents.


Here are about 3/4 of the stock boxes, after most of their contents have been sorted and bagged:

So in this next week, we will be making the new production mold, getting those figures cast up, inspecting them, and finishing up the packaging for the collector's sets, so that this coming weekend we can put your orders together, and get them in in the mail to you asap the week of the 21st.
Thank you all for your patience and support.
Jacob  (on behalf of the entire Iron Wind Metals team)