Classic Orcs – (23 currently available.  12 to re-release).  Hulking green monsters that would stand a head taller than men and elves, if their frames were not bent and hunched over.  These are nature’s perfect fighting machines, built to take immense punishment, and continue fighting to the last breath.  Their prominent brows can withstand direct mace and hammer strikes that would kill a man.  Large hands and broad shoulders make them quite formidable in combat.  Their bulk and strength is offset by discomfort in direct sunlight.  This reduces their effectiveness in general combat, making them an even match for a skilled Man-at-Arms or Armored Knight.  However, they thrive in darkness and dim light.  The last of the Tom Meier Orcs to be re-released, to go with those from Waves I and II.  They include: 4 more Spearmen, 4 more Swordsmen, 2 Archers, 1 Musician with Horn, and 1 Orc Ranger.  These all originated from Tom Meier.  Some of these are actually Tom Meier originals that were converted by Jeff Wilhelm when he started working at Ral Partha.  We also have some conversions of the classic Orcs with open hands, so you can equip them with whatever weapons you desire.  There’s a chance we may also have some Orc Cavalry Riders, and Heavily-Armored Boars for them.


Orc Empire –  (4 currently available.  35 to re-release).  Another example of the Orc & Goblin family tree having many branches… The Orcs of the Orcish Empire are far more regimented than the unruly raiders that make up the Common (Classic) Orc Hordes.   Having carved out their own fairly stable areas of influence, the protect their borders and wage war in a more conventional manner than Common Orcs.  They seem to have taken on some of the social aspects of their closest enemies, the Kingdoms of Men.  They actually take the field of battle in matching armor types with their fellow Orcs, and even use weapons similar to one another, apparently not prone to scavenging weapons and armor off of their victims post battle.  Perhaps due to their stable environment, the Orcs of the Empire are better nourished and have grown taller than the Common Orcs.  They also stand more upright, obviously more comfortable operating in daylight than their more plentiful cousins.  This large range of stunning figures was sculpted by Bob Olley, has over 36 Orc Infantrymen, and their common mount is a Land Dragon.  Interesting side note:  When Bob Olley starter working on these, he had some trouble getting the musculature exaggerated properly.  One of the Ral Partha Mold Room guys, Brady Bugge was an active bodybuilder at the time, so some of the Ral Partha crew took pictures of Brady in various poses and sent them off to Bob Olley.


Tribal Orcs – (8 currently available.  32 to re-release).  Yet another Orc Range.  The world of the Chaos Wars is infested with them.   The Tribal Orcs are covered in bones, feathers, and Aztec-like Armor.   If that isn’t enough, some carry stone axes and even wear ceremonial masks into battle.  They are the unhinged relatives of the Orc Empire, and have grown larger in similar manner.  They seldom leave their jungle and wasteland habitats, unless raiding an enemy homeland.  The majority of these were sculpted by John Winter and Tim Prow.  They are weird, wild, and truly savage looking Orcs.


Ogres –  (20 currently available.  17 to re-release).  Big, bold, and mean.  The Ogres tower over their opponents and the ground trembles as they march to battle.  The bulk of the army is composed of Ogre Warriors sculpted by Bob Olley.  We have over 14 of them, with a variety of armor types, weapons (Swords, Axes, Polearms, and Spears), and even Ogre-Sized Bows and Crossbows.  That’s right:  units of Ogres with Bows and Crossbows.  These are augmented by some truly unique special units:  War Elephant Cavalry, Land Dragon Cavalry, Mutant Two-Headed Ogres, Heavily Armored Ogres, Ogre Samurai, and Cyclopes (armored and unarmored), and Ogre Chariot and Ogre Ballista.

Trolls –  (17 currently available.  20 to re-release).  Our Trolls come in all shapes and sizes.  Literally.   The core of the Army are the ‘Armored Trolls’ sculpted by Bob Olley.  There are 11 different Armored Troll Infantry models, plus a Troll Shaman.  One unique feature of the Armored Trolls are their special Missile troops, the ‘Rock Throwers’.  For specialty units, there are a variety of Troll sub-species to choose from:  Swamp Trolls (Tom Meier sculpts), Stone Trolls (by Julie Guthrie and Dennis Mize), Hill Trolls (by Dennis Mize), and Trills (Tom Meier sculpts) which are Orc-sized armored Infantry that usually fight with pikes and shields.  There are also smaller Lesser Trolls (sculpted by Richard Kerr), a spiked Mutant Troll (sculpted by Tom Meier), Two Troll Giants (by Tom Meier), and a Giant Troll Shaman (by Bob Olley). 

Men of the Hellenic States – (68 currently available.  31 to re-release).  If you want to run phalanxes of Hoplites, Spartans, and Centurions alongside War Elephants, Centaurs, and packs of Hydra, and units of Gladiators, you can easily do that.   Still, we have some really great figures that are currently out of production, but would make excellent heroes for the Hellenic Army.  There are also another 3 cavalry miniatures to be re-released, and 8 more infantry that will add even more variety to the line.  We have 3 really unique looking infantry miniatures that were never released to the market.  There is also a pair of Gorgons that would make a great shock troop unit.


The Norse –  (20 currently available.  37 to re-release).  Currently we have a fair number of Norse miniatures available, but once these are released, you will be able to field a really impressive force.  We have 4 Norse Warrior Infantrymen, 4 Shield Maidens, and 2 cavalry miniatures (all sculpted by Tom Meier).  For elite Troops, we have the Norse Raiders (sculpted by Bob Charrette).  Also we have a really creepy Ice Elemental (which is posable), a great Yeti (also poseable), Valkyries on Pegasi, a Winged Valkyrie Hero, Bear Chariot, etc.

Men of Avalon -  (71 currently in production.  98 to re-release).  Another range that we already have a lot of in production… not to mention another 34 Peasants & Militia, 43 Adventurers, 27 Armored Foot Knights, another 86 Armored Veterans, Rangers, Paladins, Brigands, Assassins, Berserkers, Bards, Warlords… and 130 Monks, Clerics, Wizards, Sorcerers, Necromancers, Witches, Sorceresses, Priests, etc.   So there are potentially a ton of figures already in the Avalon range.   What else could you need?   Well, take a look at the three Infantrymen in the upper left of the image.  These are amazing figures (in my opinion) and were only ever pulled from production because they were determined to not be historically accurate (but that’s not an issue in a Fantasy Game).  As great as the available miniatures are, the range will only be enhanced by adding these figures.  We also have a lot more Wizards and Rangers that can be re-released.  After that there is a wide variety of unique Characters, including the Foot & Mounted pairs shown here.  We’ve also got Tom Meier’s classic Knight on War Dragon, which I’ve been wanting to paint up for quite a long time.




Classic Dwarves – (47 available once wave II releases).  Lords of the Mountains, unparalleled Miners, Smiths, and Brewers…  I would like to get a set of 4 to 6 Drunken Dwarf fighters sculpted.  Also 4 fully Armor Clad Dwarves, with only their beards protruding from under their vizors.  Would also like to have another 4 Bear Cavalry Riders sculpted, one elderly Dwarf veteran, another in Full Plate Armor, and two Berserkers.  Also 3-4 more Dwarf Shield-Maidens.



Imperial Dwarves –  (54 currently available.  44 to re-release).  Orcs and Goblins aren’t the only species with sub-species.  A second race of Dwarves exists, distinctly different from the classic Dwarves that were released in Chaos Wars wave II.  These are larger in size, and less attached to mining and subterranean activity.  These Dwarves are even more dedicated to engineering and appear more fond of swords than axes.  The majority of these miniatures were sculpted by Bob Olley.  There are over 20 rank and file infantry.  There are also enough Engineer models to field entire units of them on the battlefield.   They’ve also got Arquebusiers, Crossbowmen, and Blunderbussers.  Add to that Ram Cavalry and a very unique Flame Cannon.



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