Underworld Denizens –  (35 currently available.  43 to re-release).  When Chaos Portals breach the barriers between realities and create bridges into the netherworld where restless souls languish, the mortal world suffers the wrath of the legions of the damned, and twisted horrors usually just  the stuff of nightmares.  These 28mm Skeletons were sculpted by Jeff Wilhelm, and have a different look and feel from our classic Skeletons in the Undead Army (sculpted by Julie Guthrie).   Some of the most unique of these are the Heavily Armored Cavalry, riding Armored Nightmares.  There is also a variety of horrors, each weird and different.


Aesir Demigods –  (28 currently available.  67 to be re-released).  The Underworld is not the only extra-natural realm that the Chaos Portals breach.  When the Warrior Gods worshipped by the Norsemen, called the Aesir, are free to walk the mortal realm, they perform heroic quests, slay great beasts, hunt, drink, feast, and celebrate life with the Norsemen and Shield Maidens of the Frozen North.   They have proven so prolific that their offspring number in the thousands, and often leave their clans when they reach maturity and find themselves standing out both physically and in desire from the common Norse villagers.  When they find one another they band together and form colonies with other demi-gods of the Aesir.  All of these miniatures were sculpted by Jim Johnson, and are approx. 28mm (as opposed to the common 25mm scale for humans).  There are several sub-types to choose from; some Nordic, some Steppe, some Amazonian.  They can be used to augment other armies, or be fielded on their own as an impressive force.


Chaos Imperium – (6 currently available.  42 to re-release).   These heavily armored warriors add even more variety to the Chaos Warriors range.  Sculpted by Bob Olley, they are closer to 28mm than 25mm.  The photos pretty much say it all.


Briarose Legion – (5 currently available.  4 to re-release).  A small start to what we hope becomes a full range.  There are a pair of Insect-Men troops available, the Briarose Knight Cavalry, one Insect Titan, and an Insect Dragon.   We have one Heavy Infantryman, one Briarose Knight on Foot, and two Greater Insect Warriors still to re-release.


Troglodytes & Lizardmen – (38 currently available.  11 to re-release.  5 never before released).  Cold-blooded warriors both great and small.  There are 3 main cs:   Greater Troglodytes are the largest, some the size of horses, and are covered in thick heavy scales.  Their hands and feet bear large curved talons, and their powerful jaws are extended.  Lizardmen are closer to man-sized, but often larger in frame.  There are two types of Lizardmen.  One is of shorter, stalky frame, with a thick hide, and crocodile-like features.  The other is taller and more resembles a Gecko or common lizard.  Both types of Lizardmen may have scales, but not in large quantity.  Instead they are covered in thick leathery hides.  The final main type are the Lesser Troglodytes.  They are goblin-sized or smaller, and like the Greater Troglodytes are covered in scales.   There appears to be no hierarchical division between the three classes, and any of the 3 can lead groups of the others.  


Halflings – (6 currently available.  10 to re-release).  A pacifist race by nature, most Halflings only fight in defense of their homelands, or as part of an alliance to push back the forces of darkness.  They are excellent marksmen, rumored to be the equal of even the Elves in terms of archery skills.  Many Halfling heroes are drafted into service performing stealth activities; serving as rangers, scouts, spies, or thieves.  We have a pair of Halfling Cavalry to re-release and 7 infantry, all sculpted by Tom Meier.   One of the already available miniatures is an Armored Halfling, by Dennis Mize.  We would like to get a few more variants on this figure sculpted, to make a complete regiment.  Also a few more Cavalry sculpts would be welcome, as well as some Mage, Cleric, and other Hero sculpts.



Feudals - (78 currently available.  19 to re-release).   A race of medieval humans, secluded from the other Kingdoms of Men.   Between the realm of the Feudals and the rest of the known world lies the vast Orc Empire, and the wild lands occupied by the Savage Hobgoblins and Tribal Orcs.  This leaves the Imperial Dwarves as the only allies available by land.  The same strange environmental properties that have caused the Orcs, Savage Hobgoblins, and Imperial Dwarves to grow larger as effected this race as well.  With the impassable Orc territory cutting them off from the mainland, their only access to other races is by sea.  This is a large range, sculpted by Dennis Mize, Jim Johnson, Ken Kersey, Geoff Valley, Dave Summers, Steve Saunders, and John Winter.   The figures that remain to be released are the Knights of Justice range that Sandra Garrity originally sculpted for the 02 Fantasy Armies range.  All models in this range are 28mm or Heroic 28mm.



Amazons – (5 Amazons, 13 Priestesses currently available.  5 to be re-released).  The bane of over-zealous adventurers, and those who wish to conquer the jungle lands.  The Amazons live in a society completely controlled by females, and are fierce defenders of their territory.  They are liberators of the enslaved, and enslavers of former slave-masters (and their armies).  Many a former noble can be found chained to the yoke on one of the Amazon’s dreaded Slave-Chariots.  We have a small number of really powerful Troop sculpts, by Tom Meier, currently available.  We have one Cavalry piece yet to re-release, and the rest are character miniatures.  We would like to get a series of additional warriors, archers, and cavalry sculpted, plus some heavily-armored troops, Elite Priestesses, a series of Character Models, and a range of shackled prisoners from each of the main Chaos Wars Races. 



Savage Hobgoblins – (1 currently available.  10 to re-release).  Unruly, snarling, and barely recognizable as a relation to the common Hobgoblin, they Savage Hobgoblins live in similar manner to the Tribal Orcs.  They adorn themselves in bones and feathers, and are often found riding atop giant snarling bats.  There are currently only 11 sculpts in this range, most sculpted by Dave Summers, with a few characters by John Winter and Tim Prow.  All but one are currently out of production.  We hope to get the range expanded, in the future.


Gnomes – (6 currently available.  12 to re-release).   Another group of near-pacifists that have been pulled into the ongoing wars.  The Gnomes are slighter in frame than the Dwarves, but also bearded.   They are master woodsmen, quite fast despite their smaller stature, and have an innate ability to communicate with animals of all types.  We found that the Dwarves from the Cavern’s Deep game are substantially smaller than our classic Dwarves, and believe they make good Gnome infantry.  We would like to get some lightly-armored Gnome skirmishers sculpted, as well as some more characters. 



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