Celestials – (67 currently available.  10 to re-release).  Samurai, Ashigaru, Ninjas, Ronin, Battle Monks, Provincial Militia, and Terracotta Warriors.  Most are already available.  Most of the lines was sculpted by Dennis Mize, with additional works by Bob Charrette and Tom Meier.  Only a few remain to be re-released.  We would like to add more cavalry riders, as well as some Temple Dog Mounts, Tengu (bird-men), Kappa (water-demons), and more.




 Centaurs – (10 currently available. 3 to re-release.  1 to release).  10 Centaur Troops sculpted by Julie Guthrie are currently available.  We also have 1 Centaur Swordsman by Julie Guthrie that was never released, 2 sculpted by Tom Meier, and one Centaur Scout with Javelin.  Sculpts for Elite Troops, Berserkers, and Characters are planned for the future.




Mountain Elves (11 currently available.  46 to re-release).  This lost race of Elves had been forgotten by all but the oldest keepers of Elven History.  Recent raids by hosts of Demons, and resulting plague and crop failure have forces then down from their mountaintop fortresses.  They wield ancient weapons and armor, made of unknown metals.  Their interaction with other races has been quick and unpleasant, and it has been unrevealed where they will align themselves in the ongoing struggle between the Dark and High Elves.  Sculpting by Jeff Grace, Dennis Mize, Dave Summers, Steve Saunders, and Bobby Jackson.  More about this strange race will be revealed in the future.


Oni – (9 currently available.  19 to re-release. 4 previously unreleased).  Similar to the Celestials, but in 28mm scale.  Award-winning figures by Bob Charrette and Dennis Mize. 



Nyten-Theod - (34 currently available.  17 to re-release).  Animal Folk.   This range is composed of individual units that fit nicely into a variety of the other Chaos Wars armies, or can be grouped together in a vibrant and colorful force.  The Lion-Men work well with the Men of Avalon or the Celestials.  The Ram Titans with Imperial Dwarves.  Jackal-Men with Men of the Desert or Temple Cities.  Hawk-Men with the Wind Lords, Iguana-Men with the Lizardmen or Men of the Jungles.  Naga with the Men of the Jungles. Many potential combinations exist.  Most of what is currently available was sculpted by John Winter, Dave Summers, and Tim Prow.  We have 17 Heavily and moderately-armored Troops still to release, sculpted by Bob Olley and Tim Prow.




Men of the Temple Cities - (39 currently available.  11+ to re-release).   Residents of the massive stone and golden temples, and defenders of the great pyramids.  Most of these figures are already available, originally from the Incan, Egyptian, and some of the other historicals ranges.  Sculpted primarily by Geoff Valley, Dave Summers and Sandra Garrity.  All of the Troops available are in production.  What remains are some supplemental pieces, such as a pair of Terror Birds, Lesser Sphinx, Giant Serpents, an Armored Coatl, and a few other surprises.   



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