Men of Castalia – (29 currently available.  8 to re-release).  Conquistadores.  Pikes.  Arquebus.  Most are already available, but we have 8 more to fill out their ranks.   They majority of them were sculpted by Jim Johnson. 




Men of the Deserts -  (31 currently available.  3 to re-release.  2 to release).  A couple of figures, and two Camels to re-release.  They we’ll have units of camel-mounted cavalry, flying carpets overhead, units of Djinn Titanic Infantry, and Sand Elementals.  The bulk of the Troops were sculpted by Tom Meier and Dennis Mize.




Wind Lords -  (7 currently available.  1 to re-release).  Mysterious winged humanoids.  Currently only 3 Wind Lord Infantry figures are available, two archers and one warrior.  These were sculpted by Tom Meier.  One infantryman with spear remains to be re-released.  We also have Archangels, Greater Angels, and the Griffon Chariot currently available to bring flavor to the line.  We would like to get a variety of troop and character models sculpted, both on foot and flying.  We currently are working on an alternative set of wings, to add more variety to units.




Half-Orcs – (0 currently available.  4 to re-release).  We are planning on the Half-Orcs existing as a race of mercenaries, with different subsets each adorned with trophies and items that they’ve scavenged off the races that they have worked alongside.  You would see some with Dwarf Armor and runes, probably carrying axes, some with elven jewels on their gear, and finely crafted arrows, etc.  We do have 4 sculpts by Tom Meier that will be used as Characters for the army.  This range will most likely be on hold until we get more re-releases and expansions to the classic armies finished.



Dae-Shiru - (0 currently available.  8 to re-release.  12 to release).  The beloved cat-like centaurs in Samurai armor.  Not only do we plan to produce the 8 that Ral Partha had previously released, but also Richard Kerr’s earlier sculpts of them (slightly different, but still excellent), and 6 more that Richard sculpted while at Partha, three of which were very heavily armored, and another 3 lightly armored Skirmishers.



                                                                    OTHER ARMIES / RACES - NO IMAGES


Pyrates -  (42 currently available.  3 to re-release).   Ship-dwelling raiders, plunderers, and cutthroats.  Most are already available, and make a unique army on their own, or as a supplement to other armies.  Only 3 left to re-release, then we start thinking about new sculpts.  Parrott-swarms, anyone?



Kingdoms of Men: Nomads -  (23 currently available.  0 to re-release).  A very effective range to expand the Men of the Deserts, Jungles, Temples, or indeed and of the Kingdoms of Men.   Sculpted by Sandra Garrity & Dave Summers.


Men of the Jungles -  (38 currently available.  5 to re-release).   Another range with only 5 to re-release.  Troops sculpted by Richard Kerr & Geoff Valley.


Half-Elves – (44 currently available.  1 to re-release).  A hybrid race, the result of Human and Elf cohabitation over many generations.  Some claim they have acquired the worst traits of both races;  the arrogance of the Elves, and the audacity of Men.  They are skilled marksmen, but easily gravitate towards gunpowder and experimental weaponry.  Most of these were sculpted by Dennis Mize, with a few additions by other sculptors.  We only have one figure left to re-release, a fully-armored fighter.


Undead -  (125 available, once wave II releases).  Hordes of shambling Skeletons, Zombies, Mummies, Wights, and other creatures reanimated by Necromancy.  Most of what we have will be available when Chaos Wars Wave II is officially released.  We still have many new sculpts planned, if there is sufficient demand, we would like to produce the following:   Skeletons carrying Crossbows, Handguns, Blunderbusses.  At least one Skeleton and one Zombie of each of the major distinguishable races (with remnants of their original armor/clothing in place (Orc, Ratling, Elf, Goblin, etc).   Skeletal Ogres.  The last 2 Skeletal Centaurs that were Stretch Goals from wave II (one Rearing, on with Bow).  At least 3 new Ghouls.  Ghosts that resemble a Dwarf, Elf, Goblin, and Orc.  Some Banshees.  A few more Undead Fairies.  An Armored Vampire Infantry unit.   A unit of Female Vampire Bodyguards to go with the Vampire Queen.   Undead versions of a Pegasus, Unicorn, and Griffin.  Heavily-Armored Skeleton Infantry.  Some more Skeleton Cavalry.  A Vampire Lord.  …And some more Mummies.  There is a lot we would like to add to the range.


Hobgoblins - (6 currently available.  0 to re-release).   Four Infantry and two cavalry, sculpted by Julie Guthrie.  We hope to eventually add to this small range with multiple Elite Troop types such as Heavy Armor Troops, Ambushers in camouflage, Berserkers, and characters.  This range will most likely be on hold until we get more re-releases and expansions to the classic armies finished.


Kobolds – (0 currently available.  0 to re-release).  We are working with a local artist from Central Ohio to design and eventually begin production on a unique race of Kobolds.  More on this in the future.



Fishmen – (0 currently available.  0 to re-release).   Just sharing some far-future plans.  We would like to do a full range of Fish-Men or Men-Fish with unique and exotic weaponry.  Alongside the basic warriors, we envision Harpoon-Gunner missile troops, Trappers wielding Steel Nets and Gigers, and Cavalry riding atop Lampreys.  Adding more flavor to that would be Giant Snapping Turtles with mobile weapons platforms, Leviathans, and other creatures from the deep.   Although they will most likely be dire enemies of the Atlanteans and Sea Elves, we expect most of their creatures and monsters should be interchangeable with the other two water-based races.  This range will most likely be on hold until we get more re-releases and expansions to the classic armies finished.



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