Cincycon 2017 Chaos Wars.

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1 year 2 months ago - 1 year 2 months ago #1999 by johnleahy
Cincycon 2017 Chaos Wars. was created by johnleahy
Well Cincycon 2017 has come and gone. Ral Partha did a paint and take there. Loads of folks painted up Partha figs and played in Chaos Wars games. I painted up some figs as did my son Sean, his wife, his sister in law, his buddy and his wife. At one point we were taking up most of a table. Four of us were able to play in the Sunday bash game at the show. I was facing a Greek focused army. I had some Greeks, a Hydra, dragon, Briarrose knights, Unicorn, elf and Hobbit archers along with a dwarven machine. My opponent and I had a swirling battle. I used my archers and missile units effectively on the Greek infantry. I caused his Cyclops to go berserk and attack his own Greek pikemen. I shot them both up from afar. I was able to kill his Colossus, Dragon, Cyclops and rout or kill a few pike units too. The Briarrose knights were very valuable. That's good to know as I bought some as I thought they looked great! In fact I bought a lot of miniatures at the show. I have had a long love of Partha Miniatures. Being up close to them at the show I just had to buy a load of them. I still want more!

My son and his wife battled it out. He had an Undead army. She had one of Amazons and fae. Frankly, I know the Undead won that one but few specifics. The armies all looked great at the show. I took pics of this battle and most of the armies in the demo games. I will post them after I download them to my computer.

My buddy Bob has started on a Troglodite army. Lots of Chaos Wars joy near Cincinnati!


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1 year 2 months ago #2002 by ChicagoWiz
Replied by ChicagoWiz on topic Cincycon 2017 Chaos Wars.
Sounds great! Welcome to the fun!

If you're going to be at GenCon in Indy this year, there are a couple of us who've pitched running some Chaos Wars - we're just waiting for GenCon to approve/confirm them.

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