Hackmaster Hobgoblins, KC-4114

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4 days 21 hours ago - 4 days 21 hours ago #2229 by Moonglum
Hackmaster Hobgoblins, KC-4114 was created by Moonglum
Hello all,

some more recently painted figures, the Hackmaster Hobgoblin crew, KC-4114, a rough and tumble set of beasties, very fun to paint and really some good-sized, hefty figures. I tried more or less doing the coloring from the original Monster Manual, complete with the blue noses. They talk more about reddish skin, but for whatever reason, I went for a deep orange. At the same time I was painting these guys, I was also painting the Shadowrun punk hobgoblin and another lady hobgoblin from a different company. So anyhoos, here they are:
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3 days 22 hours ago #2230 by sparfell
Replied by sparfell on topic Hackmaster Hobgoblins, KC-4114
Hi Moonglum, I really like that bright orange skin :) and the blue noses too. Clean job as ever !
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