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3 years 8 months ago #1082 by Voidragon
Next kikstarter was created by Voidragon
It would be great if ironwinds let everyone know the date and time of the next kikstarter .kikstarters that fund in the first hr or first 10 mins get alot more backers .when i check kikstarter each day i alway look for newest ones first ,if funded in first hr i then look deeper
Can u also let us know before hand the pledge levels and pledge amounts .
With the new campain release will there be a special pledge level for everything so i can get every miniature in the dwarf undead campain in one pledge .also note this in the pledge amount that way big backers will know what to go for to be able to play the whole campain.
Other kikstarters often give deals for missed items for the kikstarter before like rule books or army deals to help boost the money raised .
Will there be an elf and ork priest as it looks like i need one for the last campain.

I realy hope u get lots more backers for the next kikstarter .glueing together the elf legion now and it rocks the first kikstarter was the best deal ever .the plastic bases r turning out to be great a nice touch to finish off some of the best miniatures i now own

R there any undead cat monsters ?in the next kikstarter

The best units ever is the wasteland raiders i want a whole army of them lizard people on reptiles is just awsome!!!

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3 years 8 months ago - 3 years 8 months ago #1090 by OFTP-Jacob-F
Replied by OFTP-Jacob-F on topic Next kikstarter
Hi John,

Details will be coming soon. We are just finishing up some decision making.

Thanks for your input. Everything you mentioned will be taken into consideration.

And there is a Skeletal Sabretooth Tiger, that will be an add-on.
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3 years 8 months ago #1092 by Ndean
Replied by Ndean on topic Next kikstarter
While it didn't derail the first one, seeing another Dwarven Forge steamroller potentially overlapping with the second Chaos Wars kickstarter is a bit disconcerting. :unsure:

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3 years 7 months ago #1117 by MisterFrauBlucher
Replied by MisterFrauBlucher on topic Next kikstarter
Very nice, comprehensive announcement on Wave 2.

A few quick thoughts:

Simplified way of choosing one pledge level and then adding on everyhting else is good.

The 2,000 dollar gap between stretch goals is a solid pace - hopefully it will sustain growth over the course of the campaign (though the first and last days are sure to be the biggest).

If the order of the stretch goals as listed is reflective of their order in the campaign, that means Witch's Cauldron and Caverns Deep are closer to the $100,000 mark - gah!!

Hooray for the female dwarf! The Vampire Queen looks great.

That is a lot of figures to bring back into production, as well as the new ones being introduced. I really appreciate the investment that Ral Partha/IronWind is making to do this.

No problem on the delay of the start - it might help, as Dwarven Forge will be wrapping theirs up about the time this one starts, hopefully making it an option for those who would have been forced to choose.


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