Our Booth:


Above:  Late Friday night, even after most of the hall was shut down, we still have people coming to the paint and take.



Veteran Demo Team members: the Dean brothers. Norm (left) and Rob (right).


Our 6 foot tall obelisk of product.                               The return of Partha Paints.



Demo Games:


Painted Minis by:  Rich Smethurst, Matthew Gray, Jamie Long, Michael Hernandez, Mark Graham, James Shaw, Jeff Moore, Cail Hill.


Scarecrow Titan painted by James Shaw.  Skeletons painted by Justin Chandler.  Ghost Dragon painted by Greg Jones.

Mechanical Hounds painted by James Shaw.  Ornithopter painted by Ross Rodman.  Automatons painted by John Bock.


Men of Avalon Axemen painted by Rob Dean.  Armored Foot Knights painted by Weston Hempfield. 

 Men of Avalon painted by Rob Dean.  Desert Warriors painted by Rich Smethurst.  Men of the Hellenic States painted by Marc Blanks.