IWM holds the production rights to the vast majority of the classic Ral Partha fantasy ranges.  This gives us a portfolio of miniatures sculpted over 25 years by some of the best sculptors in the business.  Currently, IWM is producing over 2400 miniatures that are compatible with Chaos Wars.  Our plan is to expand the range by re-mastering and releasing an additional 1800 classic Ral Partha sculpts, so that 3000 different miniatures are available, in a variety of sculpting styles, scales, and themes.  

    We are offering skilled painters the opportunity to paint a 12 figure unit of infantry or a 6 figure unit of cavalry which we will use in demo games, and feature in advertising, and on packaging.  You will be compensated with an additional set of the unpainted figures.  We will also credit you for your work wherever it is used or pictured. 


    IWM will offer the best painters the opportunity to paint additional miniatures, including monsters, dragons, and new releases. 

 Please Contact Us if interested.